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Natural substrate without nitrates for efficient plants nutrition

ZION ionite substrate is a natural sustainable complex supplement containing a full set of nutrients required for efficient plant growth. With ZION ionite substrate the nutrition is provided “upon request” for the plant. ZION based on ion exchange principle enriches the soil only with those nutrients which the plant needs at each growth phase of its life cycle (e.g. green biomass development, blossom, fruiting, etc.). ZION ionite substrates can be used as a supplement to any soils (depleted and degraded soils, sands, perlite, vermiculite, unbalanced soil of any composition, etc.) to make them extra fertile.

  • User friendly (add once and simply pour by regular tap water)
  • Contains 60 times more nutrients than the most fertile soil
  • Suitable for growing of any kinds of plants
  • Historically ionite substrates were developed for application in space shuttles, submarines, shelters, arctic stations, etc as artificial soil for plants cultivation. ZION was developed jointly with the Institute of Physical and Organic Chemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus based on ionitoponics principles.
    Ionitoponics technology. Patent № 2626772 dated 11/16/2017

    Our advantages

    Highly Effective Nutrition

    Eco Friendly

    Intensive Growth

    No Root Burn

    Improves Soil Fertility

    Applications of ZION

    Ionite substrates are not fertilizers. They look like a highly concentrated composition of nutrients immobilized on insoluble matrix where the ratio of nutrients preliminary optimized to fit particular plants needs.

  • Indoor plants growing and horticulture
  • Growing seedlings and rooting cuttings
  • Growing greens in small and medium-sized greenhouses
  • Adaptation of plants when planting material for cloning were obtained from tissue and cell cultures
  • Phytodesign: the rapid formation of a lawn, vertical gardening, etc
  • Growing plants in mini-greenhouses for remote settlements in hard-to-reach places (Arctic, Northern Siberia, etc.)
  • Remediation of irreversibly depleted and degraded soils, acceleration of the process of soil formation on barren soils
  • Plant cultivation in botanical research – as a standard nutrient medium with reproducible and controlled chemical composition
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    The planting of petunias, basil and pelargonium in the agro-industrial complex “Voskresensky” (Moscow)
    Planting of cuttings in the “Nursery of ornamental plants” (Bunkovo, Ivanovo region)
    Lettuce planting in the greenhouses “Alliance” (Privolzhsk, Ivanovo region)

    Interior flower “Asplenium” planted in the river sand (Moscow)
    Street lawn. Moscow, Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo area